ON-Page SEO guide to Rank on the first page of google

guide for On-page seo

So, whassup guyz.

Are you not ranking on the first page of the google search engine? Want to know why your website is not ranking? or What is on-page SEO? How to improve google search ranking?

Below I will try to clear all your doubts and let’s solve your website’s problem that how you can increase your ranking organically and get more traffic.

Do you know that one of the main ranking factors is On-page SEO? no doubts there are other factors also for higher ranking. Here you will get everything about how to increase website ranking organically.

Let’s check what you are missing on and definitely, you would have missed out on something. So, Why take the risk. Let’s begin the on-page SEO tutorial.

What is ON-Page SEO

ON-Page SEO is used to boost the ranking of your website in Google SERP, and other search engines. On-page SEO refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Why do you need ON-Page SEO

You have written an awesome article but still, you are not getting traffic?? Do you want to rank your website on the first page of google?? Let’s find the solution.

It’s probably because you might know about SEO but not about ON-Page and OFF-page SEO techniques. Yeah! ON-Page SEO is very important for the ranking factor because it deals with the technical parts of your article. OFF-page SEO is also important

Well, there are other factors also but ON-page SEO is the biggest factor and other factors like social media(Sharing your article on Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, etc.) rank your website in a natural way.

You might have heard about targeted keywords because it plays an important role in ON-page SEO because, with the help of it, google can easily fetch your website and rank your website organically it helps google finding your website to showcase it to the visitor.

Basically, On-page SEO is one of the important techniques to increase organic traffic because it helps Google to find your website among millions of websites for any specific topic. Thatswhy on-page SEO is very important.

14 On-page SEO technique for better ranking

Now, I am going to tell you 14 Techniques from which you can improve your website’s ranking and rank on the first page of google.

1.Use table of content

In this busy world, where everyone is very fast and proactive you also need to be accurate and exact in giving your answers. Sometimes there are 3000+ words(Which is good from the perspective of SEO) in an article.

So, it will be difficult for your visitors to read everything to get what they actually wanted, at last, they will get irritated and leave. Moreover, it will not be considered as user-friendly that can decrease your rank. Making a table is a good strategy for SEO and ranking purpose.

Have a look, how the table of content looks like.

table of content for on-page seo

If you are using WordPress or any platform then you can use plugins that will make your table of content. Personally what I use is “Easy table of contents”. Have a look

plugin for table of content

2.High quality content

So many people ask that how to write good content because it is very important to engage your visitors and to rank your website higher on google. Below is the answer to your question.

Content: Bill gate’s statement has updated a bit but makes big difference as he told content is the king in 1996, nowadays it’s the kingdom.


Google visitors get impressed when they find exact answers to their questions and finds them relevant. These are the strategies of increasing your website ranking organically. Suppose you are searching for Disney land. So, Google will put all its effort to provide relevant and best results from its database

Screenshot of disneyland search bar

As you can see in the above screenshot every relevant question related to Disneyland is being shown by google.

And to rank your content on google you have to do an article SEO checker perfectly(It means to insert your target keyword, get LSI keyword suggestions and start writing)

It means that apart from content writing you have to focus on keyword research also and on, ON-page and OFF-page SEO to make your website visible for visitors.

Standing apart from the crowd just by creating quality content has gone long before and if you think of grabbing that uniqueness by doing SEO perfectly because it will give you strategies for how to increase traffic organically??

Yeah! ON-page SEO is important but it’s just the stepping stone towards content with quality but it’s yet not sufficient.

You have to explain everything in a concise and precise way, and for that, you’ve to be a  great teacher who did lots of research for that particular topic but it doesn’t mean you can take stuff from other websites.

SEO doesn’t like these things and if you do so then eventually google will decrease your ranking no matter how good you have done ON-page and OFF-page SEO.

And if you want to come up with your ideas then you can implement them, at the start it will be a little bit of brainstorming but who knows it could make the best headlines of all time, and who knows due to that one headline your website ranking increases.

While writing an article considering on-page SEO make sure that you consider each and every important point of the topic which will make your content great. And be regular while blogging because google is a fan of fresh content and it’s good for your on-page SEO optimization.

If you are freshie in blogging and don’t enjoy writing. So, I would suggest you take anybody’s help who is good at writing stuff.

Change your content consistently

Try to change your content once a week. It helps your website in ranking faster and better because when you are doing some changes, the code of that page also changes, and Google considers it as a new/fresh page and tries to improve website ranking.

3.Keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of ON-page SEO apart from other techniques, keyword research plays an important role in ranking. Before that, you have to be very clear about your content and then do keyword research accordingly.

Since you are willing to put your targeted keyword in your content and headlines. So, you have to do research even before you have started writing your content.

If you haven’t done keyword research before you can take help from “Hubspot guide for beginners for keyword research” and if you have done it before then just brush up your skills quickly on the quick sprout.

There are many paid and unpaid tools from which you can search for keywords.


Nowadays Google has become very smart in every aspect and especially in keyword usage because it plays an important and major role in ranking. Google not only crawls exact keywords but also its synonyms. See the image below-

google screenshot of Synonyms of keyword

As I’ve mentioned earlier keyword usage is an important part of ON-page SEO, and if you use synonyms of the targeted keyword in URL, Headlines, and Titles description, then you don’t have to put keyword no. of times in your texts. You can search synonyms of keywords from LSI But it doesn’t mean that keyword density doesn’t matter.

What should be the keyword density??

Keyword density should be around 1.5% with a mix of LSI keywords. LSI keyword will help you increase your chances of getting organic traffic in bulk because of its synonyms of targeted keywords.

If you are using synonyms of any targeted keyword then it will be like surrounding your audience query from everywhere and ultimately google will show your article.

b) Best place to use keywords

  • Insert targeted keywords in permalinks.
  • Use LSI keywords in H2 and H3 title.
  • Use the LSI keyword in the body.
  • Put the targeted keywords in the post title.
  • Use the keyword in the image alt tag.

4.Optimization of the page title

This is the most important part of On-page SEO because seeing your page title only visitors decide whether they should click on your website or not. Have you heard the phrase “First impression is the last impression”, page title is exactly the same. Convincing heading will drive traffic to your website.

On-page seo example

Which one will you choose? Obviously, the first one, though they both are talking about the same thing, the biggest reason to click on the first website is that what if someone doesn’t know about AR(Augmented reality). So, this is the power of page title, and include your targeted keyword also in the title it increases the crawling chances. So, choose your title wisely.

And ultimately you want to increase your traffic so this is the best option.

5.Meta description/Meta tag

Many bloggers say that meta tag doesn’t matter but it’s important for ranking in ON-page SEO but I personally think it makes difference. It plays an important role in getting traffic, Google has said that they don’t count meta tags for ranking but search engines like bing, yahoo, and many others still care but it also plays an important role in convening visitors to click on your website.

6.Image alt tag

So, have you ever heard about “Image title” and “alt tag”?🤔

Firstly, it helps Google to understand what is the image about because as a bot(search engines like google, bing, etc) they can’t see that image, they can only crawl, and it will give no. of traffic to your website.

Secondly, it is something that is very important in ON-page SEO optimization because at the backend it converts it into the coding due to which google considers it fresh and suitable to showcase.

Give a proper name to the image title and after that do use your targeted keyword into alt text.

Images will drive a large no. of engagement to your website but despite that, you also have to look at the size of your image.

If you are using a large size of the image, it will slow down your website due to which your ranking will affect and it will prove beneficial for your website ranking. Now, how to decrease the size of the image?? Simple, just compress it.

If you are having WordPress then there are so many free&paid compression tools that you can use. What I use personally is Tiny PNG, it’s an amazing tool that supports PNG and JPEG format you can also find plugins in WordPress. There are other more amazing plugins that you can check out.

compression plugin for wordpress

Other than that just check out this also for more options if you are not using WordPress and working on other platforms like bloggers.com, Tumblr, etc.

7.Google definition for Image Alt Tag

Alt tag is also known as “alt attribute”, Alt description” or technically incorrect as “alt tag”. It is an HTML description of your image that google can understand. Suppose your webpage can’t load the image due to some issue then Alt text will be displayed and it will help google to understand the value of the image and index it quickly.

Alt tag example

Google understand these languages and ranked this kind of images very quickly because it is SEO friendly and due to alt tag it helps you increase the traffic of your website organically.

8.Add Schema

One of the best ON-page SEO techniques to rank on the first page of google.

Schema is mainly used to show the main point of any product, service, or anything because google loves to fetch and show the article to their users that are in a concise and precise way. And the best part of having schema is, google drives lots of traffic to the website that are having it. Schema is useful mainly for the ones that are having restaurants, giving services, software companies, etc.

See about my search query and how I got my answer in such an easy way. That’s why google loves schemas because it is easy and convincing for the visitors as well as for google to crawl and that’s the reason google rank these type of website on the top. If you don’t know how to install it, click here.

9. URL optimization

After choosing the domain name URL((Universal Resource Locator) optimization is the next step you should do because the URL will tell that what the page is about and it is essential to add the targeted keyword in the URL very cleverly so that it shouldn’t look ugly. (For example- https:///www.yourwebsite.com/yellow-gloves-blue-gloves-green-gloves)

Remember your URL should immediately make sense to users and describe the topic and content of the page it represents. But beware that you shouldn’t end up doing keyword stuffing or else your website will be reported as spammy and it will cause permanent termination.

10. Page loading speed

One of the main factors in ON-page SEO for website ranking is, the load time of your website, it plays an important making visitors revisit your website because of fast loading time because it’s our human tendency that we want everything very quickly even though we are very slow (Jist kidding plz don’t get offended😁).

Ranking your website depends on many factors.

If your website is continuously loading slow, google might terminate your website and if somehow it doesn’t get terminated, your visitors will never return back and the bounce rate will also be high.

Slow loading speed depends on many factors including a site’s server, image size(which you should compress), file size.

Let’s check your website load speed at WebPage Test. Sometimes it also depends on your hosting plan that whether their loading time is fast or not. Check out some of the best hosting plans that provide fast loading speed.

11. Internal Linking

Links from one blog post or a page to another within the same domain are called internal linking.

Everyone wants their website to be on the first page of Google but very ess make it put. Just by doing on-page and uploading content didn’t work out.

Internal linking is very beneficial and if you play well, it will help you increase the ranking of other pages/posts of your website because it will make your visitors spend more time on your blog and the link juice will be forwarded to other

While interlinking, try to use a keyword as the anchor text. But don’t be greedy🤑 and spam your interlink(For ex- your anchor text is for affiliate marketing and you are giving a link to social media or another link just to gain traffic) it will put a bad impression on google and they reduce your ranking even if it does good.

12. External Linking

External linking is also very important to get link juice and rank at a better place on google, but this time you will give links of other websites in your content. Again, If your internal link is informative to the external link, then only do the liking. What types of websites should you do external linking??

So, you should do external linking to the most trusted and the one that is having high-level DA and PA, you can give do-follow to such link on the other hand if you are linking to the link that is not trustworthy or you are having doubt for it give it a no-follow link.

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