How to make a website/blog for beginners

Do you also want to take your business online but got stuck and don’t know how to make a website/blog on your own. No worries. I am here for you.

How to start a blog

I’ve written this article to share my experience with you guys because I’ve searched like “how to start a blog”, “How to make a website for beginners “, for every piece of information.

So, I thought to put the information in one article and share it with you guys. So, Let’s start working towards making your successful blog/Website😀.

Decide your niche

While you are making your own website which is very tough in older days. But nowadays you can make a website within hours on your own and take your business online.

So, Are you ready??

You might be having the question “How to decide a niche for my blog” ??

Well in that case make sure of one thing that you don’t choose a topic of someone else’s interest just because the other person is very successful in it, trust me you will unable to survive in another person’s interest or niche.

So, select a niche of your interest for which you can spend hours gathering information. For ex- If you are interested in writing about dishes, reviewing movies, talking about technology or anything.

Selected ?? Oky, Let’s move to the next step.

Select your domain name and hosting

A domain name is the name of your website/blog. Before telling about where to take it from. I’ll tell you how you can select your domain name.

How to select/finalize a domain name

1. Don’t select random names just because it sounds crisp.

2. Use the key keyword that reflects your business/about the blog.

3. It should be easy to type.

4. Should be catchy and easy To Pronounce.

5. Which extension you should use?? (.com) is the best as it operates all over the world.

You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy it is the best when it comes to the domain name. Now you need to buy the web-hosting: hosting is where WordPress will be installed/any platform.

There are so many cheap hosting providers but rather than money they are only gonna give your website slow speed. But no worries, I know hosting plans that are amazing as well as affordable.

Bluehost is the hosting plan that is used by the majority of bloggers because of its amazing features Know more about it.

There are more options for hosting plans, click to see more options.

Select your platform

The next question you should have is on which platform should I built my website.

There are so many blogging platforms out there, personally, I’ve also worked on so many different platforms as I’ve mentioned in my about section.

Though WordPress is used by 35% of the website and google itself is very much fond of WordPress because it is SEO friendly and ranks quickly.

Install WordPress.

Video credit: Mythemeshop youtube channel

Setup Theme

When you are making a website for the first time remember this mantra “The first impression is the last impression” it is followed by very big as well as small and wise bloggers.

For ex– You surfed for any topic and enter that website, it is well designed and beautiful, you want to surf more because it is grabbing your attention, on the other hand, if it is having a boring layout, loaded with tons of ads you wanna leave unless and until it is the only source of information for your query.

In the same way, there is the concept called “WordPress Theme”. It is ready to use website design. There are free and premium both but if you are a beginner you can start with the free one. Check out the list. I use Astra.

Install essential plugins

So, now when you are making a website then you might be knowing that it’s not that much easy, but if you want to lower it down.

There are thousands of plugins out there for WordPress but I will tell you only the essential ones.

Yoast SEO


These both are the important ones and if you want to know more about the essential plugins that will help you both in reducing your work as well as the SEO part of your website. Click here.

Add important pages on the blog

So, when you are done with buying hosting, installing WordPress, and setting themes here comes the very important part of your blog.

Add essential pages that are very important at the very beginning, when you are making your own/persona website or for your client because these are the pages that will give an overview of your website and yourself.

how to make a website by your own

Home page, About and contact page are necessary as soon as you make your website and make it live. It will keep hand some of your visitors engaged.

Start writing your first blog

So, you are writing your first blog make sure and keep in mind that you have a one-on-one session with the other person.

So, rather than waiting “I” always write “You” which will give confidence to the other person. They think that you are talking to them virtually.

Keep in mind that if you want to use images don’t copy them from google rather take them from these royal-free sites. Done with writing your article? Now you want to rank your website on the first page of SERP. Apply these SEO tricks to your article to boost its ranking.

Remember you need to apply ON-page SEO and OFF-page SEO separately.

Bring traffic to your blog

Now when you are done with writing your article, doing SEO of it. Let’s make it reach to maximum no. of audience. Share your article on every social media platform like

“Twitter“, “Instagram“, Pinterest”, Facebook , “Question and answer on Quora” etc.

There are so many things like Social Bookmarking, Guest Blogging, Interviews, Blog Commenting, Niche Forums, do genuine comments on similar types of blogs.

So, now what are you waiting for start making your website.

Please do share your feedback in the comment section below, it is valuable for us.

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