10 Techniques that might work as Grey Hat

Image of Grey hat

1. Link yourself higher

Whenever you comment on other blogs, always make an excuse to link back to yourself. Be helpful to forums where you solve problems of there visitors, this will be built trust to the owner of the website and chances will increase of getting follow back. cis a great one and has a plethora of relevant topics.


2. Add length to your content

When it comes to generating traffic on website long content works better. What’s the average length of your content? Is it 2000 words or 1000 words?? If it’s 1000 words long then you have to update it.

If you are working on a competitive niche then you should consider creating blog posts of 2000 words or more. The rule of thumb is that posts of 2000 words or more can increase your organic traffic.


3. Using private blogging network (PBN)
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Yes, you heard it right, use of PBN. You may have heard in many conversations or read it in an article. Though it is very easy to understand the private blog network.

Let me explain if anyone of you doesn’t know about it. It is a network by which you can manipulate the ranking of google. In PBN you will give no.’s of the high-quality backlink to your website.

Now you will be having a doubt, how?? For this, you have to create other websites, work on it, and give backlinks to your main site but be careful….

If Google finds it out that you are giving links to yourself and using PBN then you may end up penalizing your website, Google recognizes it by the same no. of IP address. 

One more thing that can be done is you can ask other site owners to provide links to your site of their site but it comes under spam because you are buying Backlinks.

It is not a totally black hat but, Yeah! Be careful while using PBN. Have a look at this article.


4.Redesign your website at regular basic

Even if the content is more or less it doesn’t matter you have to keep on changing it because at backend it’s code also changes and google thinks that it’s fresh content.

comparision of stale and fresh content via image

But on the other hand, it’s a bizarre Grey hat technique, and continuously making changes on your website to boost your SEO can cause your website to be penalized.


5. Advantage of right keyword density

Now don’t you think, being a grey hat technique you are free to do keyword stuffing. No, my friend, it will lead your website to spam and most probably ends up being penalized.

But, keeping the right keyword density in your content can be a blessing to your web ranking.


6. Use share buttons shamelessly

+google, Facebook, youtube, Linkedin, Twitter to tweet, and ask your visitors to like and share. You can use one more trick, visit your site no. of time by your friends and relatives devices.


7.Submitting your website to web directories

You can get relevant and high-quality backlinks by submitting your articles to the web directories. list your directories under the specified categories and upload it.

But be careful not all web directories are alike. So, do research properly and submit your website to the web directories that can give you high-quality backlinks.

My site can be considered as a Blog as well as an education or informatics website. So, I can tell you more about the blog directories.

  • http://www.addurlguide.com
  • http://www.alistsites.com
  • http://www.ananar.com
  • http://www.anoj.org
  • http://www.bedwan.com.
  • Learn more...
8. Add 1000 words of content to your article and homepage

It has both the sides, it can work as well as it is risky also… How?? Let check it out.

Why it will work-

Search engine loves long content and googles boost their ranking at the top in SERP, the article should be of at least 1000+. In fact, in SERP articles that are having mostly 2,000 or more words ranks at the top.

If your article passes that mark then you could see your pages move up to the better spot in almost no time.

Visitors also love to read long content. The best part of long content is that if it is written in the proper manner then it will be more like storytelling through your words which is much relatable.

Explaning further plans in the form of story telling
Pic credit: Resourcefulmanager
Why it can’t work or risky-

 To be honest, its quite boring and looks like the clutter of texts. No one wants to get imposed with lots of texts. This structure of the article is at more risk at the homepage.

No matter how modern the world will become still some of the things will remain the same. Okay, let me come to the point rather than inflicting my author’s thoughts on you.

Images and designs are much users friendly because it much catchy to eyeballs, interesting, not so boring and of course will make your visitors stay on your website.

If you ask for my opinion, then I’ll suggest using both of them because you can’t use only images as well as only articles.


9. Buying available domain

This is less risky than using an expired domain. But be careful, purchasing niche it should be similar to your existing niche. If the purchased niche is active and having backlinks then you can also drive traffic to your website.

If you want to purchase the domain, check out DomainBot.com once.

Screenshot of search bar on website domiansbot

Here’s the screenshot of the home page of the DomainsBot website, I’ve searched for a world tour as in am very fond of tours and all. But you search as per our website not just random search of your interest. I’ve searched for it just for a demo. Though you guys are very intelligent 🙂 still it’s my duty to elaborate. In the above screenshot, you can see all the domains available. So, choose domains as per your need.


10.Use of Social Bookmark

Even if it is a grey hat technique you are not ought to use it because google penalizes those sites also who use too much social bookmarking. In are r words, it can be said as a form of link building. John Mueller explained why using lots of bookmarking is harmful to your site.

But, it doesn’t mean it will not work, if it’s used in a confined way, you can get tons of link juice to your site because social bookmarking allows users to share bookmarks of web documents. Few of the bookmarking sites are given below-

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Dribble
  • StumbleUpon
  • Pocket
  • Digg
  •  Reddit
  • Slashdot, etc.


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