Best ways to earn by affiliate marketing

How to earn by affiliate marketing

In simple language Affiliate Marketing is the process of referring the brand to visitors by promoting it on your site and getting a commission if they buy that particular product

Yet didn’t get it???

Let’s discuss more on “What is affiliate marketing and how it works”.

My affiliate marketing journey started when I read an article by Neil Patel on the same and realized this is a very good option to generate passive income.

Suddenly my mind hit something that you can relate with too “why something so simple and powerful is not taught in college”.

But why worry, I will elaborate everything about Affiliate Marketing.

In this affiliate marketing guide, I will be telling all about-

  • Basic of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to get started with Affiliate Marketing
  • How does Affiliate Marketing works

What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest and interesting forms of Digital Marketing where you refer someone to the product on your website and if he/she purchases the product by your recommendation, you will receive a commission.

There are many big companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, etc who are having affiliate programs for individuals that you can join for free, and if you didn’t know anything about it then be ready my friends you are going to experience a very interesting way of money-making from home.

Now you might be thinking about how much can we earn?? Well, it totally depends on how well you understood because there is no decided salary in affiliate marketing.

Your earning can be from 1$-1000$, 2000$  even more than that, it also depends on the kind of product you are promoting.

Below is the diagrammatic explanation of Affiliate Marketing, it will help you understand better.

  • Choose a product that you want to promote.
  • Sign in and get approval from them(Some of them ask for the approval and some of them don’t).
  • After approval, you will get a unique affiliate link.
  • Now, share the link via Instagram, Facebook, blog, youtube, website, etc.
  • Whenever anyone makes purchases you will receive a handsome affiliate commission.

Every company that sells products online has an affiliate marketing program and anyone can join it for free. It is as simple as making a profile on social media and open to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

You only need to sign in to the “XYZ”  website’s affiliate program that you want to promote.

Wait for the approval.

Get a unique affiliate link. Remember whenever you are writing anything about the product on your blog, website, or anywhere put that affiliate link with the help of which you will get a handsome commission if your visitor buys the product. 

Now the question is it that much easy??

So the answer is- No at the same time yes. How? Read below.

Why yes?
  • You just have to sign-in
  • Recommend
  • Get yourself paid. 

Why no??

It totally depends on dedication and hunger. For example- It is the same as playing any particular sport and you will get better only if you show up daily on the playground. 

If you are getting a boss-free and financially free life just by working hard for 4-5hours in your initial days then why not give it a try and when you feel that now you are earning much enough than your 9-6 job. Then congrats you are going to have a stress-free and be self-boss life. 

At least once in a lifetime push your limits to be a courageous person and affiliate marketing gives you that chance.

Now let me show you a few of the blogger’s affiliate marketing income.

You can see the 2years income of blogger Harsh Agrawal owner of shoutmeloud (Put the link of Shou….). Isn’t it more than enough than a 9-6 job?. Yeah! It is.

No one can tell you the exact amount some people start earning initially and some don’t have a penny even after 2-3 years.

It’s just that-

How badly do you want this?

If you know these two answers then you don’t need anyone’s answer.

Just check these out for once it may prove helpful to earn a good amount by doing their affiliate marketing because these industries are growing very and need awareness at the same time discounts too-

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliiate marketing

Best companies for affiliate marketing

To be honest there are no such companies that you can trust blindly to promote their products. What you have to do is before promoting their product make sure you know everything about the commission because sometimes few of the companies don’t really give the decided commission and they don’t even care about their reputation as they are not a very big name in their respective field.

Terminologies /Best tricks to apply in affiliate  marketing

Best way to earn money by affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing software- Softwares, that provides tracking and reporting(sales, registration, click, etc) of your ever affiliate link 

Affiliate marketing link- Unique tracking Id will be provided to track your affiliate promotion.

Affiliate marketing link- Unique tracking Id will be provided to track your affiliate promotion.

Payment mode in Affiliate commission- It varies product by product, every affiliate program offers as per their decided commission.

Affiliate Marketing ID- It is similar to the affiliate link but as I have said above, everything varies product by product and few of the companies prefer to give an Affiliate id instead of a link.

2nd party affiliate program- Apart from being a direct affiliate program if you recommend others to join the affiliate program and if he/she makes any sales, you will also get a commission(It is like a multi-level marketing chain). It is called a sub-affiliate commission.

Landing page- It plays a major role in the promotion of any product. Most of the programs are having attractive landing pages for a promotion. You can also use A/B testing to see which of the pages you are getting more traffic from.

Link cloaking- You will get the long and ugly affiliate tracking link. You can make these URLs short by using  Thirsty Affiliates etc.

It is also used to protect your affiliate link from malware due to which your affiliate link can be hijacked.

It is also used to protect your affiliate link from malware due to which your affiliate link can be hijacked.

Custom Coupons/Affiliate coupons- According to me and as per my experiences it is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing and many companies offer coupon affiliate programs.

Personally, I feel it is even much better than AdSense you can earn more than Adsense but it’s not that you can’t earn through Adsense, of course, you can.

So, whenever you see a coupon and any offer, there is an affiliate link included in it for affiliate marketers, promoting any product to get good revenue. Then congrats my friend, here the coupon code is the best affiliate program.

Some companies also give facilities for cookie policy. In this, many of the companies offer a 30-200days cookie policy in which if your visitor goes to the website clicking your affiliate link and if they re-visit that same site through your link within 30-150 days even if he/she doesn’t buy anything then also you will get the commission.

So, in short from the above elaboration, you must have thought, Affiliate marketing is such a wonderful and magical thing to earn. 

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