Hey, Wassup?? Thanks for coming. 😀

Without wasting your time let me introduce myself.

My name is Noopur, A computer science engineer, blogger, and affiliate marketer.

Yeah, Engineer😁. Trust me not gonna bore you. We are not that boring dude.

Godigitalfun is a platform where you will learn how to start a website from scratch, drive traffic to your website, and all the other pieces of stuff.

Let’s talk about this blog from where it all started. So, like every other engineer, I was also doing my regular job and preparing for some other competitive exams. While surfing something I saw this website called labnol.org which is owned by Amit Agrawal (Former Microsoft engineer😁) India’s first professional blogger.

So, being an “Explorer” I also started searching what is blogging and digital marketing, though I know digital marketing before blogging (But, Didn’t know that it can be a full-time also). I searched much about blogging and concluded that it is really cool stuff and realized that this is the future.

After having so many failed attempts on bloggers.com and other free platforms. I get to know that Google is really fond of websites that are made on WordPress because it is SEO(Search engine optimization) friendly.

So, I thought why not share my failed attempts on one platform which could be helpful for the newbies, and from there it all started I took domain name from GoDaddy and hosting from interserver.net.

So, here’s my small story, for now. But on my way of building more.

I want to give you guys some free and philosophical😂 suggestion but on a serious note don’t be monotonous and stick to one thing throughout your life, try exploring things, who knows what that particular knowledge or field brings to you. So go and try things out their especially blogging and take your business to another level.

What will you get from this website?

You will get to learn everything. From starting a website to doing its SEO, generating traffic to your website, and finally get the highest rank in Google SERP.

Well, this is a small intro of myself and this website.

Thank you for reading till here, I am really glad. Looking forward to connect with you(Just fill the form of connect with us), and let’s make your website together also do connect with us on social media. Handles are given on the main page, go and check it out. See ya soon.😊

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